Our Ultimate Hair Extensions are of Ultimate Quality, here's why!

We (Wade and Karl - WAK) have been hairdressing for many years. Before opening WAK The Salon/Store we worked for many brands and used many qualities and techniques. Here's what we found, to give you the BEST! ❤️

Hair Quality?

Our quality is among the best on the market, silky soft and thick top to bottom, this is how we achieve this! 

1st off, many companies will work by basic factory 'A Grading" of hair which over my years have defiantly come to learn about!
Let's quickly go through 3 of the basic hair qualities.

Reality of Other Brands "A" Grading:
"6a" Starting with dry and damaged hair it goes through the colouring process. It is then silicone treated to feel soft but with use wears off and drys out very fast! (Tapes could never be re-taped.)❌

"7a" Starting with slightly better than 6a but still dry and course hair. It is then coloured and silicone treated the same as 6a. You will expect no more than 1 adjustment with tapes.- To cut costs these 2 cheaper qualities of hair are sometimes a mix of human and horse hair!!!❌

"8a" Starting with any virgin hair it is colour processed the same and then silicon coated to feel soft again. Out of these, 8a may be graded higher but after the harsh colouring process it'll become dry quite quick once the silicone wears! If stretching yourself you may get 2 adjustments with this for tapes.❌

Most companies qualities stop here or will advertise "Virgin hair" which is more than usually untrue as virgin hair is dull (no "shine"), multi-toned, never a solid colour, often contains grey hairs and almost always slightly lighter on the ends.

OUR QUALITY! ?Unlike others - our hair starts with 10a hair, which is the best possible virgin hair. After many quality tests, the colouring process is started. - Unlike others our colouring process is done over many weeks. Why? Because our hair is coloured with the weakest, most gentle formulators over time and repeated to ensure the hair cuticle is kept in the best possible condition with almost nil compromise to the integrity.  While still having amazing colour shades, this is the process of how our hair is the best for you, shiny and silky soft!

Hair Source?
All our hair is sourced ethically and bought directly from the donor. Each batch of hair has gone through strand testing and quality checks to keep all our extensions silky soft, thick and ensure longevity of the hair. Each Pack of extensions you receive is from one donor. Doing this further lengthens the hair life. ?
Double Drawn?
Even before our gentle colour process there are always shorter hairs within our 10a virgin hair.
Upon coloring the length is then trimmed to the generous 20" to keep the ends fresh and solid.
Our hair then goes through "Double Drawing"
This is a process where the hair is secured to keep it in Remy condition. Is is then hand sorted to remove all these shorter hairs. Once completed the process is repeated AGAIN to ensure all our hair is thick and lush like you deserve! 

All our hair is 100% Remy. Remy refers to the cuticle direction of the hair, which means the hair cuticles all go in one direction. (Who else misses Zayn? :( ) To keep the hair "Remy", the hair is cut to keep it as it grew (putting the hair in a tight ponytail and cutting above the band) If this is not done to the hair, I would classify the hair completely unusable. If the hair is not kept Remy it will tangle and matte to an unusable state with-in days.

Why Tape?
If you are looking for a more permanent option to clip ins there are a few options for consumers to choose from. We only stock tape for good reasons. Being hairdressers in the industry for over a decade we have tested many techniques which eventually lead us to starting WAK to give you all only the best possible! Here's why:
Other types which use metal beads may it be individual pieces or wefts cause very vigorous pulling and tension, not only to your scalp but on the hair which causes not only matting but breakage! Other types I've seen that use hard glue can cause some of the most damage and always have some form of breakage from matting and glue removal.
TAPES, we only use tapes as these are the most gentle permanent product on the market. If taken care of and adjusted as directed you have no breakage! Tapes use a gentle gel based adhesive, similar to what you see with magazine samples. Upon heating on low using a tap motion with an iron they are very secure. To remove we use WAK Shine Mist (Organic Argan Oil) to separate and slide out the tapes.